élé Story

The story of élé INSIDERS begins with the idea that fashion should be fun and accessible.

Jonathan Newman, traveler, entrepreneur and devoted seeker of meaningful design and utility, is always moving about the world looking for inspiration and collaboration. A few years ago while visiting the Feria Puro Diseño in Buenos Aires, he discovered “Floripondias”. When he saw the bright, casual zapatitos para la casa he knew that they would feel right at home here in the States. Now, with memory-foam cushioning, new styles and a fresh palette of colors, this Argentinian house shoe has been reimagined and landed (softly) in the USA as élé INSIDERS.


Because we believe that life is measured in feet.

Wear your élé INSIDERS at home. Curl up on the couch. Get cozy. Then venture out to your favorite café, dash through the airport or run out to do errands around town. Wear them in the office and be prepared for anything but business as usual. You’ll find that you feel comfortable wearing élé INSIDERS everywhere. And that’s the point.


Because attitude adjustments happen from the feet up.

Step into your élé INSIDERS and prepared to be noticed. These are not shoes for the shy. They defy definition and challenge convention. They raise eyebrows and elicit smiles. You’ll get where-did-you-get-those glances and unabashed oogles. You may never get used to the attention, but you might just get addicted to the comfort. So, slip into élé INSIDERS and cause a little commotion – inside and out.

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